Do more while using less

Energy Efficiency

Less waste, more power.

During the charging process, power loss can occur in many ways, including inefficient power conversion methods and excessive standby power consumption. To keep this loss to a minimum, our adapters are specially designed to achieve a high power conversion efficiency rate, ensuring that your devices receive all the power they need while minimizing power loss.

Smart Design

Simplify your life.

In this day of owning multiple portable devices, carrying around a collection of cables with one USB interface connector for each of your devices no longer makes sense. By integrating different USB interfaces into a single cable, we not only help you save time and space, but also help save our planet’s resources, by cutting back on the materials needed to make so many separate cables. Simply put, our 2-in-1 cables make your life simpler, and at the same time, help make our planet a bit greener.

Pollutant-Free Packaging

Looking good while doing good.

As part of our GreenSense eco-commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment, we’ve completely redesigned our packaging to feature 100% pollutant-free materials. By doing so, we have made sure that out packaging not only looks good, but is also doing good for the planet, since it is now uses only biodegradable plastic and is completely free of all harmful pollutants.

Protect your devices while powering up.

Five layers of power supply protection :

Over-Current Protection

Protects the circuit conductor and keeps your devices safe from abnormal or hazardous energy due to high-current flow.

Over-Voltage Protection

Protects the electrical and electronic components of your devices from malfunction or damage due to excessive voltage.

Over-Temperature Protection

Protects your devices from heating up beyond the recommended operational temperature.

Over-Power Protection

Protects your devices from receiving more power than allowed.

Short-Circuit Protection

Protects your devices from circuit damage and overheating, which can lead to the risk of fire or an explosion.

Protecting Your Devices from Power Surges

Protecting Your Devices from Power Surges A few things you should
know about power.