• Power Bank

    Charge up wherever you go

Grab your smartphone and your backpack, and hit the trail. With Innergie Power Banks, you’ll always be in power, wherever you go.

The Power of Freedom

With Battery Banks, you're no longer restricted to powering devices at locations with accessible power outlets. Battery Banks let you take power with you, wherever that may be. At Innergie, we understand that "on the go" doesn't always involve sitting in an automobile, airplane, or office room. With Innergie battery banks, you can truly be on the go: walking or riding a bike around town, hiking in the mountains, or camping with friends.

The Longer, the Better

Imagine your phone battery is down to single-digit percentages and you are without a charging outlet for the remainder of the day. The Innergie PocketCell can extend your battery life of iPhone for 25+ hours, even if you were to talk on your phone the entire time! Now that is a convenient charging solution.

Ultra-Compact Design

If something is big and bulky, you probably won’t carry it around. Our PocketCell rechargeable battery bank fits right in your pocket and charges all your USB-powered portable devices, without weighting you down. A battery bank is best when you can just put it in your pocket and pull it out whenever you need it.

Ultra-Compact Design