One For All - Innergie 45H USB-C Power Adapter

👉 One For All The most compact and versatile 45W dual ports power adapter for all devices. No more bulky and extra adapters, simultaneously fast-charging laptop and mobile is as simple as that 👉 Dynamic Power Allocation Dynamic Power allocation allows it to shift power between solo and dual ports charging scenarios. USB-C solo charging can up to 45W in maximum, while USB-C & USB dual charging can up to 30W and 12W respectively 👉 USB PD Fast Charge The USB PD technology is an all-you-can-charge solution with five voltages of fast charge to power laptops, tablets, game systems, smartphones and more 👉 Free Mounting Orientation Patented dual-way installation allows altering of mounting orientation to fit in the limited socket space or change the port position for easy access 👉 InnerShield™ Only Innergie products come equipped with such powerful protections, oaring a level of security no other devices can match 👉 GreenSense™ Innergie promises to conserve energy and protect the earth. We strive to optimize energy efficiency and realize our sustainable green energy concepts 👉 A Brand of Delta Innergie offers an industry-leading 3-year warranty and thoughtful services on its premium product. Please go to Custom Service and register your product

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By Innergie 2020/10/30

This Tiny Brick Can Power All Your Tech

Massdrop X Meze 99 -​ Innergie 60-C (USA Link) -​ Innergie 60-C (International) -​ The Innergie 60-C is the World's smallest 60 watt power adapter. It uses USB-C as an interface and can power anything from a Macbook, laptop, iPhone (with adapter), Galaxy S10 or any other smartphone. I'll even use the Innergie 60-C to recharge my USB-C wireless headphones. This could be the perfect travel charger. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter -​ Facebook -​ Instagram -

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By UnboxTherapy 2019/04/10

60C Pro USB-C Power Adapter - minimal size 55cc

【60W.Ultra Compact】 👉 Compact and yet powerful - minimal size 55cc 👉 One adapter for all your gadgets - 60W USB PD 👉 Save utility and save the planet - 92% energy efficiency 👉 1.5m USB-C to USB-C cable included

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By Innergie 2019/02/10

Innergie 60W USB-C charger unboxing (live)

Innergie 60W USB-C charger unboxing (live). Subscribe to my podcast:​

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By 2017/09/30

Delta Green Building - Delta’s Americas HQs

Delta’s headquarters building for the Americas region, located in Fremont, Ca., U.S.A., is a US LEED Platinum-certified green building and has been made possible by the integration of Delta’s broad spectrum of energy-saving solutions. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to be a net-zero energy building as Delta’s solutions for smart HVAC, green data center, smart LED lighting and more conserve energy while its rooftop solar PV system generates more than 1 million kWh annually. Delta has adopted and promoted the green building concept since 2005 and has enabled almost 30 sustainable facilities across the world.

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By 2017/04/02

What is Innergie SmartBoost!?

Charging and Compatibility tests of USB PD charger and qualcomm quick charge charger. Test review on popular devices of Samsung S8, Huawei Mate 9, iPad Pro, MacBook and iPhone 7 plus. Subscribe for more ►►►​ About Innergie ►►►

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By 2017/03/02

Delta’s Contribution to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

This is how Delta contributes to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals with its energy-saving solutions and corporate social responsibility initiatives, highlighted from its 2019 CSR Report.

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By 2017/02/01

CES 2016 New Products recommendation from Dr. Frank

PowerGear USB-C 45  45-watt USB-C Laptop Adapter The PowerGear USB-C 45 is not only small in size, but it offers design touches—such as cable-wrapping features and a cable that's connected flat against the adapter body. With reversible USB-C plug can be inserted in either orientation, so there's no more squinting to check whether the plug is right side up.

- ABC-TV -
By 2016/01/07


Innergie PowerGear USB-C 45 & MagiCable USB-C to HDMI Multiport Adapter Let's see Fr. Robert Ballecer interviews Innergie from CES 2016, gets a look at brand new USB-C adapter and multiport adapter for latest Apple MacBook.

- TWiT -
By 2016/01/07

Innergie Interview with Into Tomorrow at IFA 2014

"Into Tomorrow" is Berlin, Germany, covering IFA 2014. Dave talks to Arno de Ruyter from Innergie about their line of mobile charging devices.

- ITTV -
By 2014/09/17

Innergie announces portable batteries at CES 2014

Innergie announced its portable batteries, and award-winning product, LifeHub at CES 2014.

By 2014/01/08

Innergie Interview with Into Tomorrow at IFA 2013

Into Tomorrow is back in Berlin, Germany for IFA. Dave Graveline interviews Samy Moustafa from Innergie about their line of products that allow you to charge your mobile devices wherever you are.

- ITTV -
By 2013/09/19

BSN: Innergie Pocketcell Duo Video Review

Innergie's latest charger has a dual 2.1 amp USB port design with an updated version of their Magic Cable 

- BSN -
By 2013/03/27

Innergie Pocket Cell Duo, 6,800mAh by TechCrunch At CES 2013.

The Pocket Cell Duo is a 6,800mAh charging device that allows users to charge their devices multiple times (between 2-3 depending on the device) without needing wall power.

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By TechCrunch 2013/01/10

Innergie at IFA 2012

Take a quick look at Innergie's product range at IFA 2012, Berlin, Germany.

- InnergieEurope -
By 2012/09/12

Innergie Pocketcell at IFA 2012

Innergie Pocketcell demonstreras at IFA 2012. Denna video at filmad av

- TechNytt -
By 2012/09/02

Innergie PocketCell Review

Mark Zamora takes a look at the PocketCell from The Innergie PocketCell™ is a universal rechargeable mobile battery bank designed to provide you power when you need it the most for all USB-powered devices.

- Geek Beat -
By 2012/08/14

Innergie PocketCell Review

Power packs are all over the place these days in different styles and forms. Innergie however as come up with one which really caught my eye. Design and performance are equally fantastic and it shouldn't be ignored if you are in the market for a battery pack.

- TodaysiPhone -
By 2012/07/30

New gadgets for life on the move

Olly Mann, the gadget expert talks to British Forces News about the latest gadgets. The Innergie PocketCell and the MagiCable Trio impressed the gadget expert greatly…(Innergie@02:11)

- New gadgets for life on the move -
By 2012/07/12

The 10 Coolest Gadgets from CES 2012

Innergie MagiCable Trio was the top 10 coolest thing at CES 2012 (Innergie@03:37)

- Geek Beat -
By 2012/01/17

Plug Your iPhone in Any Time, Anywhere with Innergie Chargers - CES 2012

Hate having the wrong charging adapter at the wrong time? Innergie makes sure you can plug in to anything!

- Geek Beat -
By 2012/01/10

CES 2011: Innergie award-winning products by ITTV

Into Tomorrow launched its 16th Year On The Air at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Dave Graveline interviewed PS Tang and Tom Atkinson from Innergie.

- ITTV -
By 2011/02/07

Jesuits take on CES! - Innergie puts more power in less space

The Media TechStop stops at the Innergie booth, a relatively young company that is making a line of chargers that can not only charge most of your travel gear, but do it with adapters that are a fraction of the size and weight of their competitors.

- Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ -
By 2011/01/11

Miss IFA visited Innergie booth at IFA 2010 (Chinese Version)

IFA Spokesman visited Innergie booth at IFA 2010, greatly enhancing Innergie's brand awareness and visibility.

- Taiwan Macroview TV -
By 2010/09/27

Innergie Interview with Into Tomorrow at IFA 2010

Into Tomorrow was at the 50th Edition of IFA in Berlin, Germany. Dave Graveline spoke to Samy Moustafa from INNERGIE. 

- ITTV -
By 2010/09/07

mCube Slilm introduction at IFA 2010

Slim universal charger replaces bulky power bricks. It may not be one of the sexiest products at the IFA consumer electronics show, but the Innergie mCube Slim is probably one of the more practical ones.

- Network World -
By 2010/09/05

The mCube Mini 60 Sec. pitch at DISTREE XXL 2010

Innergie Europe Sales Manager, Samy Moustafa giving a 60 sec pitch for mCube Mini at Best Product Innovation competition of DISTREE Europe 2010

- DISTREE Europe 2010 -
By 2010/02/13

Innergie 6 Min Talk Show

Innergie presents brand mission and products to EMEA distributors at DistreeXXL

- DISTREE Europe 2010 -
By 2010/02/13

Innergie at IFA reviewed by BBC Click - mCube 90

BBC crew stopped by Innergie booth to report Innergie's award winning mCube 90 universal adapter during the IFA Berlin Consumer Electronics Show.

- BBC -
By 2009/09/17

Innergie Interview with Into Tomorrow at IFA 2009

Dave Graveline interviews Julian Huang from Innergie at IFA 2009 in Berlin, Germany. 

- ITTV -
By 2009/09/08