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EU's New Regulation on Eco-Design Going Official

' EU's latest requirements on eco-design for external power supplies have gone official on 1st April 2020!* The implementation of the new regulation means that future power adapters in the EU market should have: 1.       Less power loss 2.       Higher efficiency 3.       More precise packaging labels and website information, showing clearly how the products affect our environment. This regulation applies to products such as power adapters of laptops, tablets, phones, and more, including the products of Innergie, a brand of Delta. Innergie's current power adapter products, including Innergie 45H, Innergie 65W, Innergie 65U Pro (Intl), Innergie 27M, etc. are all compliant with the new regulation, even long before the new standard's introduction. As a brand of Delta, Innergie has inherited the same DNA from Delta Electronics – "Smarter. Greener. Together." With industrial leading 3% higher power conversation rate, our products are able to save the planet 3% power loss when used to charge up devices. Together with Delta and with our customers, bit by bit, we are able to save the power produced by 10 nuclear plants yearly. And that is the power of our GreenSense™ eco-commitment. During this uncertain time of the COVID-19 crisis, Innergie still strives to provide the best products to our customers stably and reliably. Supply chains, from raw materials, manufacturing processes to availability in our local warehouses in Europe, are all under control. Reliability, sustainability, and availability are all guaranteed as usual. As the pandemic sweeps across the world, we are still here. And we will still be here for you, to ensure your safety and to ensure a better tomorrow for our planet. Your work-from-home essentials – Innergie, the top choice power solution product for your home office. *For more information, please refer to the Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/1782.