Do more while using less

Miracle 3 % High Efficiency

GreenSence ™-- Miracle 3 %, Value of high efficiency convert rate

We try all our efforts to minimize any the possible loss during charging, because we firmly believe Mother Earth is the most precious resource that each of us shall treasure. With the mission in our spirit, we strive every possibility from design to material usage for it. Many a little makes a mickle of the miracle. Every 1% of the energy saving is the continuous effort we drive ourselves to the top. With industrial leading 3% higher power conversation rate, we save the power produced by 10 nuclear plants together with each of our customers yearly. High efficiency with 91% conversion rate, reduces 3% energy wasted each time you charge your device with Innergie. Our efforts in creating this 3% miracle happens while you enjoy the powerful digital life, where we can still minimize burden to our environment.

Smaller Package

A smaller package, A day closer to sustainability

Since the beginning of Innergie, we successfully reduced 35% of the package volume. It is our company’s responsibility to make use of the least environmental cost in order to realize a sustainable future.

Protect your devices while powering up.

Five layers of power supply protection :


Over Current Protection


Over Voltage Protection


Over Temperature Protection


Over Power Protection


Short Circuit Protection

What is Innergie SmartBoost™ ?

GreenSense is Innergie's commitment to the environment.

What is Innergie Power Delivery?

GreenSense is Innergie's commitment to the environment.